Packing materials

Let our pros do the packing

Trained packers will pack your belongings quickly and securely. Want to box up your personal effects, or even everything, yourself?

Not a problem - we’ll be happy to provide you with the necessary packing materials beforehand.

Book boxes
Our sturdy book boxes are the perfect solution for books, files, or CD's.

Lamp box
For delicate, cumbersome lampshades

Laundry box
Special for larger pieces of laundry

Clothes box
Professional packing for wrinkle-free transport of your hanging wardrobe.


For sofas and armchairs, protecting your upholstered and leather furniture

Picture box/Variable

Protection for mirrors and pictures, flexibly adaptable to all sizes thanks to push-fit systems.

Bubble wrap, tissue paper, packing upholstery, bottle envelopes, polystyrene strips - used individually.

Moving boxes

moving boxes

Ideal for transporting smaller objects, clothes, porcelain, light furniture

Key box

key box

The box’s bright red color immediately signals where small components like keys, screws, and fittings are located.

Plastic boxes

plastic boxes

For the secure transport of your electronic devices, such as computers, stereos, and televisions

Mattress box

mattress box

For the clean, hygienic transport of your mattresses