Overseas - Export

The smooth transport of your goods requires professional packing and planning. We have the experienced professionals and the necessary know-how for the high packing standards for overseas transport.

Transport by sea can take place in
20` containers - 30 m³

40` containers - 60 m³

or by
Liftvan - 5,8 m³.

We’ll organize your transport from house to house, using our long-term business connections with renowned agents all over the world.


Overseas - Import

Planning a move from overseas to Germany?

Our house to house service lends itself perfectly to the job.
Our agent will take care of the packing and pick out the appropriate transport route.
We’ll take care of the shipments, handle customs formalities, and transport your household goods to your new home.

If you’re just looking for a receiving forwarder, we’ll take over your shipment starting from the seaport or airport.
We would be happy to furnish the particulars of the necessary customs formalities, just contact us.u.


20' container

20' Container

20` container


Length: 5.919 mm
Width: 2.340 mm
Height: 2.380 mm
Capacity: 30 m³

40' container

40' Container

40` container


Length: 12.045 mm

Width: 2.309 mm

Height: 2.379 mm
Capacity: 60 m³

Standard liftvan

standard liftvan

Standard liftvan


Length: 2.220 mm

Width: 1.190 mm

Height: 2.200 mm
Capacity: 5.8 m³